Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 3, 2008

{ coffee }

Bless these little coffee shops – they’re busy and pretentious, but they do provide free internet access, which you just can’t beat.  If only they had available outlets to charge my computer…it’s about to die, with 12% power remaining.

As much as I love my Macbook, I do not love how quickly it seems to lose power.  Honestly, with the “more battery life” setting, I’m still losing a percent a minute…if not sooner.  What good is a laptop if you’re always plugged into a wall.

And on that note, does anyone else find that their power cord gets UNUSUALLY hot?  Not the cord itself, but the little charge box.  I like to use it as a foot warmer, but sometimes it seems close to meltdown.  The little bugger cost me a hundred note, it better not crap out.

I’ve been walking around downtown all day, these little breaks in the coffee shops (with straight up java) are keeping me sane.  Three interviews today, with at least one more scheduled for next week.  One of them is for a position at Algonquin College – retail, but certainly a foot in the door.  Did you know that eligible Algonquin employees get a sweet-ass “discount” on courses?  Seriously.  $20 a course.  Even though it IS retail, I think that this position would be my #1 choice (even to the point that I would consider leaving another position if offered something at Algonquin).  Why?  1) it’s close to my house. 2) did I mention $20 courses?! 3) More opportunity for internal positions.

I could walk to work (saving gas and bus money), take classes towards my CHRP, and either find an internal HR-related position or move on to something else once I’ve completed my certificate.  If you ask me, it’s a pretty solid deal.  I love colleges, too, because they put it all out there.  In working in HR, I’ve had to spend some time developing policies and procedures – college and university websites are a godsend for this reason.  Payscale, benefits, hiring processes…their entire HR handbook is laid out online for all to steal.  Not only is it useful for other HR professionals, but it adds a degree of transparency that must be very comforting to an employee.

So, here we sit at the end of my notice period…20 interviews. 0 offers.  I’ve one interview left for the day, and hopefully some messages on my machine at home.  Wish me luck – I’m gonna need it!



  1. FYI: my program consists of Mac users, especially macbooks despite the fact that we beat the poop out of them. I have known at least ten incidences of the charger literally blowing up– the part that goes into the laptop will spark, smoke, and then meltdown completely.

    After a year with mine (aka the warranty just ended) I had to buy a new charger today.

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