Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 3, 2008

{ weddingbee sold }

EDIT: Hello, people coming from this-a-way! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the Weddingbee buyout…whattaya think?

Today, it was announced that one of my very favourite blogs, Weddingbee, was being bought out by eHarmony.  Now, I applied to ‘bee with one of my earlier blog incarnations (focused on my wedding planning) and was turned down.  That didn’t bother me too much, simply because I was still far enough out that I was going to reapply ;).

I didn’t think much of it, Weddingbee being bought out by a larger company.  Heck, this is business…it happens all the time.  However, shortly after posting an announcement about the takeover, Mrs. Bee followed up with another post explaining why one of their bloggers had decided to leave the “hive”, as you will.

It turns out that eHarmony seems to staunchly disapprove of non-heterosexual “matchups” on their website, not even providing the option to its users.  Subsequently, Miss Gingerbread (a same-sex ‘bee) decided to leave the site.  Shortly after, there was an explosion of comments (some pro-buyout, some not).  Several bees were wavering in their decisions to continue participating in the Weddingbee site, some were speaking out and some were not.

All in all, though, it did cause quite a stir, and I wasn’t sure what to think about it.  Living in Ottawa, I can’t say that fighting for equal rights is a huge front-line issue for me.  LGBTQ issues aren’t a big deal for me, as I know many same-sex couples, walk by open and blatant LGBTQ-friendly stores every day, and have not had to worry about friends not being able to marry friends based on their orientation, gender, colour, age, religion, and so forth.  I can only assume that things are different in other places of the world, and here is a prime example of my ignorance.

I fully understand the decision of readers and bees alike to leave the Weddingbee website, and I am proud of them for standing up against something that is so fundamentally exclusive and wrong.  I frankly do not care about your religious or personal convictions (and I frankly do not want you to care about mine).  We may not agree with the feelings, decisions and actions of others, but I think at the very least we should be respectful and inclusive of everyone based on their simplest and most basic motivations (be it love, compassion, empathy, even anger).  Can we not put our personal beliefs aside and just friggin’ give people the right to love who they want to love, equally and without judgement?  Except for people who love (in the ‘biblical sense’) children and defensless animals.  Defensive (…defensible?) animals, too, I guess.  Okay, so can’t we just friggin’ give two consenting adults the right to love who they want?

For those who think that “sticking around” with Weddingbee will cause ‘change from within’, this is horse shit.  Change may come from within, but it is from within ourselves…if you truly believe something is wrong, then your actions are better channelled in a direction that is positive and works with your beliefs.  Sticking around to ‘change things’ is bollocks, a cop-out for a little bit of wedding realm exposure, if you ask me.  Mrs. Lovebug summed it up nicely, if you ask me:

While I understand that many of my co-bees are approaching this acquisition with a “Let’s tackle those eHarmony board members from within!” policy, for me, to do so would feel a little like voting for McCain because I want to make headway on reproductive rights. This is not to criticize anyone’s decision to stay…it’s just that to me, it doesn’t feel like the right way to make a statement.

For those who don’t intend on changing anything and simply want to focus on wedding planning, not politics, that’s fine.  Just stop hiding behind the guise of being a “rebel fighter” because it helps you to sleep better at night.

I enjoyed reading Weddingbee because it was along the same lines as other blogs I enjoy – independent, inclusive, collaborative and “small town” feeling.  Now that Mrs. Bee has fed it to the Machine (for WHATEVER reason, be it with the best of intentions or simply for profit), I’m out.  I wish nothing but the best for her and future bees, but there are simply better places to channel my energy, and I will be going there from now on.

I’m not too upset, because I feel as though Weddingbee was losing the quality of posts and bloggers that I enjoyed – much like the fifth season of a reality TV show, they were starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel with boring, run-of-the-mill, repeat posts.  A few wonderful bloggers came out of Weddingbee (my favourites being Mrs. Gummi Bear, Mrs. Cherry Pie, Mrs. Cream Puff, Ms Shortcake, Mrs. Lovebug, Ms Candy Corn) but I was NOT feeling very many of the new ones (Ms Meatball aside).  I was checking the site less and less, and focusing more on other independent wedding planning websites to get my daily fix of bridal PRON.  Most of my favourite bees are now leaving. It was not a difficult decision to delete Weddingbee from my bookmarks, especially after this “exciting news”.

So long, Weddingbee.  It’s been a nice ride.



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  2. Thanks so much for the shout-out!
    It’s been really interesting to see what different people have to say about the sale. Thanks for the support. 🙂
    (former Mrs. Cream Puff)

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