Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 3, 2008

{ the job hunt }

Why not kick off this blog with a little bit more about my current job hunt.

I swear I didn’t actually think that finding a job in this city would be so goddamn difficult.  It must be the weird, warped perspective I received from working in the HR industry, but I was pretty sure that given my stellar resume and broad range of skills, it would take a few weeks -max- to find new employment.  Maybe not even the most ideal job, but at least an offer or two on the table.

Holy humbling, batman.  Here I am, a young professional with a little office experience, a little supervisory experience, and a university education.  I am unilingual.  I have security clearance.  Guess what?  I am apparently so not in demand, so very average that it’s not even funny!  I have been searching for work for about a month now, and I’m pulling out all the tricks of the trade.

  • I am focusing my search – although I am casting a wiiiiide net of resumes out there, I am keeping a focus to my search in order to garner the best results.  Given my background, I am sticking to office administration, human resources, and customer service roles.  I’ve even branched into some select retail positions that are a complement to my experience and my interests.  I am not being picky, but I am being realistic.
  • I am highlighting and personalizing my skills and experiences – this includes a tailored copy of my resume (depending on the type of role) as well as a personalized cover letter.  Instead of the stock “dear sir/madam” reply, I am making a point to find the name of the person on the other end of the email.
  • I am making this search a full-time job.  Agencies, companies, government, everything…I spend at least 6 hours a day searching for positions and making a true effort to find employment.  There is no rest for this lady in her quest.

I’m doing pretty much everything I can think of to stand out and get my foot in as many doors as possible.  Do you want to hear the hard, honest truth?  I have applied for over 200 jobs since the beginning of September.  I have had 19 call backs/interviews.  I have had 0 job offers.

Throughout the process, I’m met with the regular comments.  My resume is great.  My experience is great.  The fact that I can’t speak French is a bit of a problem, but shouldn’t be a big hurdle.  I interviewed well.  It was a tough decision.  You’re going with someone else whose experience is a closer match to the job description.

I remember reading somewhere that it takes a full month for every $10,000 of salary to find a new job.  Which is fine, except I wasn’t really prepared to wait that long for so much as a simple offer.  Did you know it takes four to six weeks for unemployment to process?  What a disheartening situation…and although everyone says that it is so much better for me, and I will be so much better off…it’s hard to see that when looking at my bank account and my increasingly worked-in couch butt-groove.



  1. Oh man, I can sympathize 100%. I’ve been in the same job for two years, but before I found it I engaged in a long, hard, and often disheartening job hunt. I was looking for an office job, but applied and was *not* hired to work at a dog kennel, an art museum, an insurance agency, etc. etc.

    Keep your head up! Even thought it sucks in a major way right now, you WILL find something.

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