Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 4, 2008

{ your wedding sucked }

(wicked Canuck wedding c/o Offbeat Bride)

Nothing personal, and you know I love you, but you…family members, friends…your wedding sucked.  I’ve been to a few of them now, and they’re all cut from the same template.  Ceremony, quick and dirty.  Pick your colour scheme (very important to have one or two set colours).  Rice Pilaf.  Rinse, repeat.  They’re all the same, and they mean very, very little to me as a guest (I hope they mean more to you, though)!

Seriously, now…how often does your whole network get together in celebration of you?  How often do you plan on getting married?  Mr. Crackers and I are seeing it as an opportunity to represent ourselves, our likes and our wishes.  A wedding can be a great time to make memories, new friends, and to stand as an ultimate representation of who you are as a couple.

Most people cop out and go for the pilaf.  Not us!  Here’s what we’re doing…without giving away all the secrets or focusing on the flowers…

  1. Anticipation is Great Advertising. From our Save the Dates, to the Invitations, to the Welcome Bags, we’re going to play up the fun of this event like it’s no one’s business.  If I pull it off, if all pieces are cohesive, then the result should be wonderful.
  2. We’re Focusing on the Union. Yeah, yeah, sometimes it’s a little boring – but I like to think that’s because it’s impersonal and as bland as cardboard.  I’ll certainly be following up with more information later, but we intend to draw from multiple resources and make our ceremony sweet, interactive, and focused simply on US.
  3. Fun For All. I don’t want people to leave our wedding, plain and simple.  For the reception, we’re going to tempt them to stick around with good food, good music, and hopefully a few unique elements that encourage interaction between opposite sides of the family.
  4. We’re Not Rushing It.  A LOT of our guestlist is travelling at least 3 hours to be at our wedding, meaning that we’ll be looking at a lot of out-of-town guests.  Subsequently, we’re planning to make a weekend of it, rather than expecting people to show up, give us gifts, dance a little, and leave.  I’m still working on the execution of it, but we’ll be having some events on the Friday before and the Sunday after.
  5. No Drama, Just Fun.  We’re picking vendors that are lined up with this mentality. We’re keeping the focus on things that matter (our marriage, and our friends/family), not on silly aspects that are bound to drive us nuts when something goes wrong.  If the ‘happy couple’ is actually HAPPY, then the guests will follow suit.  Throw in some drama, and it all goes to pot.

This isn’t meant to be a Meanie Post, but I think far too often we focus on the wrong thing at a wedding, when in reality…it’s all about what happens AFTER the wedding that matters.  Do what makes you happy, and don’t do things just “because” – think about it, make sure it represents you as a couple.  That’s my advice, and I’m trying to stick to it.  We’ll see!


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