Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 5, 2008

{ gimmeyourstuff }

I’ve decided, as a part of my 101 Things challenge, that I am going to participate in at least one Gimmeyourstuff exchange.  Getting to know about other cultures is a great thing! For those of you looking to swap with me, please note that Canada is a biiiig place.  I am trying to focus on Canadian things that you can find readily in-and-around our Nation’s Capital.  If you’re looking for Smoked Salmon or Screech, I suggest finding some Gimmeyourstuff friends from different places in Canada! 🙂

Things I am not going to send: Our wonderful Canadian Alcohol, Marijuana, OTC/Prescribed Medication, Poutine, our Health Care system, my Passport, Fur/Animals (alive or stuffed…unless you want a stuffed toy!), and so on.

What I would love to receive in your country’s introduction package:

  • your local snacks, treats, and culinary specialties
    (UKers – Mr. Crackers would die for some of those purple Yorkie bars, Mi Wadi, or some crisps!)
    (Southern US – I LOVE things from the “deep south”.  Moon pies, Pralines, Zatarain’s Crab/Shrimp Boil, Creole Mustard, Goo Goo Clusters, Pecan logs, Cream-and-butter fudge, etc)
  • Postcards and information about your country and it’s customs!

If you’re interested, I suggest signing up on Gimmeyourstuff and we can arrange a swap!


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