Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 5, 2008

{ puppy love }

Every few days, there is a lovely black dog that walks by our house with his people, and I don’t think he is ever leashed, either.  Because we live on a main street, this is not an unusual situation – many dogs walk by, many times.  Big dogs, little dogs, leashed, unleashed – we see all kinds on our busy street. I have, however, noticed that our Big Dog likes to run over to the side gate and watch the black dog when he walks by.  Our Little Dog could care less about anything not related to his toys, and is usually digging a hole for them in the back.

Mr. Crackers ended up having a conversation with the people one time, I think he was out mowing the lawn. It’s amazing how easily Mr. Crackers can start up a conversation.  I support he looks unassuming and gentle, so it’s easy for strangers to talk with him.  Mr. Crackers does especially well with older people, which I believe to be due to his politeness.  I’ve been told I’m standoffish and grumpy – even when I’m in a good mood – which would explain why no one ever stops to talk to me.  That’s a story for another time, and I digress.

The black dog’s people said that every time they walk by, the black dog will always run across our lawn and over to our side gate where our Big Dog is waiting for him.  There is never any fuss, and the black dog always returns when he is called by his people.  Our Big Dog never barks, and always comes in without hassle when I call her from the kitchen door.  I suspect they’ve met up a few times and I’ve been none the wiser.

I like to think they’re enjoying some forbidden love.  Is that weird?



  1. Big Dog needs some love. It will make her fatter.

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