Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 6, 2008

{ freebie }

Normally I ignore the “get a free x” things I come across on the internet, but this one seems too good to be true (and maybe it is)!

Simply insert your information and choose one of the following free gifts: a reusable tote, a travel mug, or an umbrella.  In submitting your information, you will be sending the following text (allegedly) to both John McCain and Barack Obama:

In George W. Bush’s first 100 days in office, he refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol and put forth a policy favoring increased exploration for fossil fuels and rapid construction of new power plants, rather than exploring conservation and sustainable power generation.  Actions like these, put out so early in his administration, set the tone for eight environmentally destructive years.

As you may be the next President, I am writing to ask you to differentiate yourself from Bush’s policies of the past, and accomplish the following during your first 100 days in office:

1.    Introduce legislation to cap global warming pollution.
2.    Commit to creating new incentives to unleash energy innovation and build the green jobs sector.
3.    Invest in public transportation alternatives to help Americans drive less.
4.    Support alliances of industry, environmentalists, and landowners to protect endangered wildlife.
5.    Take on the overfishing crisis through new economic incentives for fisherfolk.

By accomplishing these 5 tasks, you will be setting the stage for an environmentally protective administration, and taking the first steps toward undoing the damage the past 8 years have caused.  I urge you to implement this To-Do List within your first 100 days in office.

Not only would you get a free something, but you’re not just subscribing to a junk mailing list – you’re allegedy sending a pretty solid request to some pretty important people. I signed up for a travel mug.  What did you sign up for?

Click here for your FREE umbrella, travel mug or tote bag!


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