Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 6, 2008

{ harrowing tales }

This may lose me some readership or gain me some.  Who knows?  This is a new blog, after all.  Regardless, something the world can always use more of is Perspective.  Cinnamon buns and Perspective.

abortionclinicdays is a website where “abortion providers tell stories about their work and the people they help”.  For those of us who haven’t been in these situations, it can be eye-opening.  For those of us who have, perhaps comforting.  Either way, a little Perspective never hurt anyone, and if anything…it goes to show that regardless of our standpoint on the subject, support is key.

Now that I’ve had a healthy dose of Perspective, maybe I can convince Mr. Crackers to bring me home some cinnamon buns.


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