Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 6, 2008

{ lazy days }

I don’t know if you want to blame my sudden, gross illness (the one where I feel as though I’ve been hit by a large truck), or if you want to blame the unemployment, but I have been getting really lazy lately.  Lethargic, bored, lazy…all of these things are resulting in my waking up at 1:45pm and having an increasingly messy house.

Half of it is recent and due to a lack of energy (cart/horse…sickness/no energy?).  The other half is me just not caring about anything.  That’s a really bad place to get, and that’s why I’ve started blogging again – and why I’ve started my 101 Things again. I’ve managed to get a handle on my kitchen, which has been cleaner than clean for the past two weeks (and that makes me feel great), but everything else is starting to fall apart.

I think the first step is to stop waking up in the afternoon.  I’ve given myself some room for rest over the course of the weekend, on account of the flu, but after that – and after today, as I’m feeling much better, it’s time to start living my life again.  Of course, finding a job would help greatly with that, so I will continue to make a full-time job of the hunt.

Other than that, there are plenty of things to do – I could tackle an item off my 101 Things list, I could take Big Dog and/or Little Dog out for a walk, I could clean my bathroom…there are tonnes of things I could start doing in order to tire myself out and make my days meaningful.  Belive it or not, feeling sorry for myself is not one of them.

Any suggestions on fun activities to try (the cheaper the better)?



  1. Organize a swap meet
    Bake cookies and send them to me
    Sit outside and enjoy fresh air
    Go to museums on free/cheap days
    Adventure around the neighbourhood till you find something cool

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