Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 7, 2008

{ today’s interviews }

Until the next round of calls start making their way into my voicemail, these are the last three interviews I have scheduled.

10am – a well-paying retail position at Mr. Crackers’ favourite industry store.  Never a Sunday shift, never working late into the evening (not that either of these things matter to me).  What am I to them?  I will be customer-focused, well-organized and have a good business sense about me.

12pm – my extremenumberonechoice retail position right now at a post-secondary school very close to my house.  Well-paying, easy walk to work, and possible educational perks.  What am I to them?  The saaaame thing – customer-focused, well-organized and good business sense.

3pm – a moderately-better-than-average inbound call centre job.  Not ideal, but it is on a direct bus route to my house (thus a short trip, if you’re familiar the horrible state of Ottawa’s western transit), and it would be money in between “career” jobs. Once again, customer-focused, well-organized and…I guess ability to show up and complete my shifts?

So, all in all, a day to put on my retail hat.  It’s been a while since I’ve done that, but it shouldn’t be hard.  I’ve aligned three of my strongest skills with their needs, so I’m really hoping something comes from one of these interviews.  I can see benefits for all three.

Wish me luck!


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