Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 7, 2008

{ trying to keep optimistic }

You wake up feeling better about yourself today. Your positive attitude might come from just getting a good night of sleep, but whatever the reason, you have a feeling that something special is going to happen to you now. The longer you can hold on to your dream, the better your chances are for realizing it.

Not.  I woke up and walked to my closet.  Apparently, my foot was asleep – and it promptly did some weird thing where I ended up flipping it down and stepping on it REPEATEDLY, half-awake.  Immediate pain, immediate wake up, immediate swelling.  Crying, I hobble to the bathroom, where wave after wave of nausea overcame me, along with the coldest feeling I have ever encountered in my life.  Stand up, deep breaths, didn’t work.  Sit down, head between legs, didn’t work.  Mr. Crackers found me laying on the floor, fetal position, head on the cool tile.  That worked.

Hobbled to two interviews – they were quick and nothing special.  Not sure how I feel about either, to be honest – they could go either way.  Had a Subway sandwich.  Came home, two messages from the same place, wanting me in for an interview today.  I’m VERY excited about this one, actually – the level of experience I am seeking, incredibly close by, and supporting an industry (wellness) that I believe in.  Rock on – interview this afternoon

Foot elevated, but I can’t remember if it’s ice or heat in what order…are swollen ankles considered sexy if it makes it curvier, and definately non-cankle-like?  Aside from the pain, I mean.

Oooh, maybe that horoscope was talking about this Office Manager role?  Secret readers, cross your fingers!  Mama wants a solid job!  Empowered Thoughts, Empowered Actions, Empowered Change (that’s the mantra of the week).

ETA: I’m now waiting on a call back to arrange a second interview. :D?


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