Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 8, 2008

{ in which we wait }

As I sit here, post-interview, waiting for my call back to find out if I have gotten this job, it has become increasingly obvious that I want this job.  Despite the pay…cut? stagnancy?  I’m not sure, there are some wonderful perks to getting it:

The business supports an industry I am passionate about personally and professionally.  My day-to-day life and focus is on living a holistic, healthy lifestyle – from nutrition, to preventative care, from long-term planning to day-to-day thoughts.

Professionally, I have always tried to bring a positive, healthy mindset to my work and have encouraged my colleagues to do the same.  Working in the type of Specialty Service Franchise that I did, I was exposed to many different types of people who were all brought together by their desire for healthy, convenient meal alternatives (read: I worked at a smoothie bar).  It was important to me to help each customer, and each employee, find the type of product that was best for them and their overall wellness.  Working in an office environment, one of my most personally meaningful tasks was the Wellness Initiative I was beginning, which was a non-intrusive and multi-faceted approach to personal wellbeing.

And, on the flipside, the business does not support practices that I find to be detrimental to society, our health or the environment.  My last job, at the law firm, directly supported Big Pharma.  I don’t think that this is the best time to go into great detail, but I am pretty adamantly against Big Pharma and the traditional western medicine method of reactive medication.  I think the best way to succeed in your career is to believe in what you’re doing and you will always be a better salesperson if you believe in what you’re selling.
The office is small, and the staff seem wonderful – both from my impression and from the patient testimonials available to the public.

The role is dynamic and offers a level of responsibility I am comfortable with and would like to have again (hands-off approach from owners while still being supportive).

A 5 minute commute.  Quite possibly the closest substantial office area near my house, which you cannot beat.

A flexible working schedule (7-3ish or 11-7ish, no Sundays) that seems to be open to negotiation.
A salary (er…hourly rate) that is lower than I would normally take, but also has room for growth (which, as I tend to align with rewards-based motivation, is very meaningful to me).

A title that will look great on my resume and is a direct step up in my career path, immediately opening me up to supervisory roles in the future.

    So, kids, at the end of the day, I want this job.  The only drawback I can see is the cash one…and with that, well…there are more important things out there than money, especially given my age and ability to grow as a professional.

    If you’re stumbling upon this blog randomly, or are the only other person I know actively reading it (Sister Crackers), some positive thought would be appreciated!


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