Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 9, 2008

{ boo }

So, I didn’t get a call back for the Office Manager job, even though they said they would call me back last night.


And, wonder that Facebook is, I found a message saying “training the new girl” on the other woman’s Facebook.  So, looks like I didn’t get the job.

Moving on, I suppose.


In brighter news, I found 19 new job postings today!

Trade-mark Support (referred by former colleague)
Customer Service
Customer Service Agent
Administrative Clerk
Customer Service Agent
Volunteer Coordinator
Office Manager/Coordinator
Office Manager/Customer Service Representative

Wellness and Vitality Assistant
Customer Service Representative
New Immigrant Counsellor
Accounting/Administrative Assistant
HR Clerk

My father is in town for a few days, and we went out for breakfast today.  Tomorrow, he’s stopping by to check out my chimney, and we’ll likely do lunch as well.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, having parents is always nice!


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