Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 10, 2008

{ where i gorged on sushi }

There is an all-you-can-eat sushi bar down the road from my house.  Mr. Crackers seems fundamentally opposed to something like all-you-can-eat sushi, but luckily my father is game for mostly all foods, especially with a price-tag of $12.99 each.

As he put it, that’s cheaper than a meal at McDonalds (well, almost).

Anyway, it was actually pretty good!  There wasn’t a great deal of crazy variety – a lot of artificial crab meat, some basic types of sushi, but that’s fine for me.  I mainly stuck to cucumber rolls, California rolls and this awesome spicy/crispy avocodo concoction.  They were rolled to order, and included in the “all-you-can eat” were the appetizers, soups, udons, rices, and so on.

So we had 1 order of edamame, 1 order of sweet potato tempura, 2 orders of deep-fried scallops, 3 orders of 6 spicy/crispy avocodo sushi , 1 order of 6 yummy yummy sushi, 1 order of 6 mushroom sushi, 1 order of 6 california rolls, 1 order of 6 white tuna sushi, 1 of hand-rolled spicy salmon, 1 other hand-roll, 8 large rolls, and about 12 more of some kind I can’t remember, as well as an order of green tea ice cream…for $30.

Dude, it was good.  I actually want more now.  Dinner is $19.99 (I think), and as I said…lunch is $12.99.  I don’t know if you’d want to get that much more crazy than what we ordered, but I was wholly impressed by the overall value.  I’d go again!

We had a good chat, like we usually do.  I came home, got another “no thank you” from a receptionist interview I did a few weeks ago (no kidding).  Called the HR Rep from Los Angeles for a satellite office job here in the city, she said things were behind but they definitely would be calling me post-Thanksgiving.  Still no word on the Office Manager job.   No phone calls today (not yet, anyway), and there will be none on Monday due to the holiday.

I will also be taking a little break, on account of some out-of-town visiting I’ll be doing for the holiday long weekend.  Have a great one, folks!


Job Applications for October 10, 2008

HR Manager
Part-time Counsellor
Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Vocational Consultant
Administrative Assistant
Customer Service Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator
Customer Service Assistant
Team Assistant, Research and Product Development


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