Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 14, 2008

{ another week }

Back to the grind again.  A truly uneventful Thanksgiving weekend – spent Saturday and Sunday alone, as per normal…Monday brought a rather oddly portioned Thanksgiving dinner at the in-laws.  There were literally no leftovers…and only four of us at the table.  Very, very unusual.  I feigned thanks for everything in life, although I am thankful for a few things:

I am thankful I have not lost my house.

I am thankful that my horrible attitude has not driven Mr. Crackers away.

I am thankful that my father can still call me every doggamn day, even if it is sometimes a bit grating.

I am thankful that there are some bucks in my bank account.

I am thankful that I live in a country where I can apply for unemployment.  I am thankful to the person who hopefully decides I deserve it.

I am thankful that my dogs don’t give a what about anything.  That is one less thing to worry about.

So, today was another day in the week that is the neverending month of my life.  I managed to apply to over 50 jobs on this long weekend, and I have gotten four call-backs and two interviews scheduled for the following week.  The two non-interview call-backs: an office manager job in Orleans across town (which I hope to hear from!) and a call-centre that apparently has some great fringe benefits.  The two interview call-backs: an office manager/csr job that almost seems like a scam, and a retail clerk job at a hippy crunchy organic granola store near my house.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a job that gives me ONE THING – the opportunity to make a direct impact on a business.  I need to see where my energy goes.  That obviously translates well into “management”, but it also translates well into retail…hence the jobs I am currently looking into.  Honestly, I just need to make a few bucks…if I could ideally work in HR, and make a difference in a company, that’d be great.  If not, I’d like to focus on office management.  My ultimate goal is a hybrid of the two, so it really doesn’t matter to me what path I take to get there.

Mr. Crackers is doing Gold Medal Plates tomorrow, as the proud sous-chef at a local restaurant.  He’s camping out at the restaurant tonight, so it’s just me, Big Dog and Little Dog in the bed tonight.  Hopefully this will grant me an easy sleep for my interview tomorrow morning at 10am.  We’ve always joked that life is never good for us TOGETHER, only one of the other.  Mr. Crackers is happy and progressing happily at work…whereas I am progressing nicely into my chair groove in my basement.

If Gold Medal Plates didn’t charge $200 per person, I’d be tasting Mr. Crackers’ lovely meal…but instead, he has made me a delish pasta to eat at home.  We’ve been making a point to use what we have, so this sad exercise in feigning poverty might be worthwhile after all.

Mmm, pasta…



  1. I decided that I am artificially inflating your pageviews because I procrastinate and surf the internets. So I added this as a feed, sucka.

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