Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 17, 2008

{ job }

OK, so when it rains in my universe, it truly pours.

Job #1, contract until December 12th (my birthday) was mine.  Starting on Monday.

I did my interviews today.  One at a law firm, offered on the spot.  The other, another placement agency contract, was offered to me when I got home (following my acceptance of offer #2).

Being that I am an extreme idiot, I actually mentioned that I had accepted an offer elsewhere AT the law firm, but I told them I would reneg.  Who actually tells someone that?!  Dumb = Ms Crackers.  It still seemed OK, though, and now I start THERE on Monday.  No salary increase, but the opportunity for growth, benefits, permanent, vacation, and a flexible environment.  It seems great.

I really really hope I made the right decision.  I feel stressed to the max now, but I’m hoping it’s just “wow, a lot of stuff” jitters and not “fuck. wrong choice” jitters.  We shall see…



  1. woohoo! congratulations! what are you going to be doing at the law firm? I’m a litigation support paralegal

  2. Hi violarulz! Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog! 🙂

    From what I gather, the role is primarily administrative (bookkeeping, supporting everyone when on leave, etc) and also dealing with real estate closings. The firm is very small, about 5 people, so it’s much more “hands on” than my experience at the other law firm (with 130 people)!

    I’m excited to begin! My mum says I’m going to be just like Lucy on The Practice (my favourite show when I was in high school). We shall see. 🙂

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