Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 20, 2008

{ exhausted }

It is nearly winter (or the cold part of fall), and nearly winter (or the cold part of fall) means it is time for PUPPY SWEATERS.  Tan argyle for the dapper Little Dog, and forest green knit for the distinguished Big Dog.  Depending on how my prospective craft planning goes over the next while, I might make them some fleecy jackets myself.

You see, I think I am going to buy a sewing machine.  I want to make Mom-in-Law Crackers’ Christmas gift this year, and a sewing machine would make my life a heck of a lot easier.  I need to get on this soon, however; probably within the next few weeks – we’re about 10 weeks away from Christmas!

Christmas shopping will be sort-of but not really hard this year.  I have picked up a few things throughout the summer, like Sister Crackers’ gift…a little small something for Father Crackers…so on and so forth.  We will be going to Mother Crackers’ parents house this year (which I haven’t done for about, oh…5 years now?), if Mr. Crackers gets Christmas off as planned.  Apparently, where I work takes the time off, so that’s great.

Speaking of where I work, I did have a job today.  It was weird and hard.  I had to do things I have never done before.  I had to teach myself how to do them.  I’m still not even sure I’m doing it properly, to be honest.  It’s hard.  Really, really hard.  But not overly bad, at the same time.  Just really uphill – I can see that it will be easier and it will be a good opportunity, but right now I’m scared shitless. I haven’t had this sort of “oh my god my acid reflux” since I had that job in high school where I worked at the diner for two weeks.  I was basically thrown into the situation, waitressing, making the coffee, and so on…with very little instruction.  I was going through packs and packs of tums a day.

I hope I’ve grown enough now to know when to ask for help.  I hope I can rely on myself to do the job – I’ve already learned how to do a few things, and it is only the first day.  I bought a few supplies, so hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I’m crossing my fingers.

My talk with Mr. Crackers went OK as well.  I was pretty blunt about it all, and I hope that got the message across.  We need to stop being so lazy, we need to stop making excuses.  I think life might start to look brighter now, but it’s going to be a lot of work for the next bit.  I’m going to be tired and it’s going to be an uphill battle overall.

My horoscope today was pretty bang-on:

It’s a pretty smooth day today, especially if you are becoming comfortable with feelings that may have been problematic yesterday. At first it may seem like too much trouble, but it becomes easier as the day wears on. Working with others takes on a life of its own, yet relationships won’t go the way you plan. Flexibility helps you keep it all together.

On a lighter and less stressful note, I bought some gorgeous bedding at the Superstore in Brockville.  Each set (one a dark brown duvet set and the other a lighter, chocolate brown coverlet set) were under $30 – plus some throw pillows for $6 each.  I did the bed up last night and it looks delightful, if I do say so myself.  Snuggling under those blankets with all those pillows gave me the nicest sleep I’ve had in a long time.  That extra touch of making the bed all pretty really makes me feel good going to bed.  It’s little things like that, Mr. Crackers and I need to keep up.

When we eventually have the bedroom in decent condition, I’ll be sure to post pictures.  It’s very nice – hopefully with the potential to become much nicer!


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