Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 23, 2008

{ BBQ }


So Mr. Crackers decided to finally pull on his industry contact strings, and we met with his schoolmate, a charming young woman who will be catering our wedding.  Henceforth, she will be known as CateringGirl.

For like half the price quoted by the lowest-priced other option.  Seriously, and she will cook the type of food that Mr. Crackers WANTS, and it will be as locally sourced as possible (seeing as there are even more industry contacts involved with the process).  We’re leaving it pretty open for her – simply LOTS of food, casual, and Mr. Crackers wants a Whole BBQed Pig.  Plus, this great offer has now opened up our guest list a bit.  We’re pretty stoked, it’s great news after a really, really craaaaaaappy September.

We celebrated with a little dinner at Murray Street, which you know is always popular in our house given the porkliness of it.  I was impressed with my appetizer (the poutine, ALWAYS delish), but I was not too pleased with my main (the fish, which was pickerel.  I dunno, it just tasted like something I’d get at my grandmother’s house, not something I’d pay $25 in a restaurant).  Mr. Crackers and CateringGirl split some charcuterie, Mr. Crackers had some neat-o tart thing with cheese and bacon and CateringGirl had scallops and beans.  For their mains, they both had the pork (surprise, surprise).  For dessert, I had the maple tart (mmm, delicious butter-tart-esqueness) and Mr. Crackers had a cheese plate.

All in all, another good night at Murray Street.  Mr. Crackers doesn’t get to go there often, so it’s always a treat to do dinner.  However, based on the cost, we won’t be doing it often (and not for a while, either, while we bring down the debt).


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