Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 24, 2008

{ buxfer }

I’ve been using this awesome online program I found called Buxfer lately for my financial planning.  It’s great, because I download my online banking transactions and using a variety of firefox add-ons, automatically link them up to my Buxfer account.  It’s pretty no-frills, as far as accounting software goes, but the online-ness and the ease of use is totally worth it.

With Buxfer, you can:

o Automatically download transactions from your bank or credit card
o Analyze and visualize where you spend your money
o Control your spending with budgets and mobile alerts
o Track shared expenses and I-O-Us (e.g., rent, groceries with room-mates)
o Transfer money online and settle your debts
o Access specialized iPhone, Blackberry interfaces on-the-go from your mobile device

The whole unemployedness of last month means our spending went down substantially – from about $5,000 a month (debt payments inclusive) to less than half of that amount.  Hopefully, even though I have found work now (which is still kicking my ass), we will continue the frugality for a while longer.  Mr. Crackers and I really need to get that debt down, and we’ve made pretty good strides this month.

You could always create your own Buxfer profile, but I would much appreciate if you could let me know and I’ll send you a referral link. 😉 Just comment and I’ll pass it on over – consider it your karma move for the weekend!


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