Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 25, 2008

{ wanderlust }

I have this weird, secret, strong desire for a very specific, very macabre, very disturbing vacation.  Mr. Crackers, upon hearing of this specific vacation plan, quickly passed on it as an option for our upcoming honeymoon.  As heartbroken as I was, I completely understand.

How romantic could a whirlwind tour of Eastern Europe, focusing on some very well-noted Nazi Concentration Camps, actually be?

I have always had a fascination with the Holocaust; maybe it’s the unique psychological issues surrounding the events, or maybe the possibility of my distant paternal relatives being involved that makes it so intriguing to me.  Growing up, I absorbed everything I could find on two eras of history – the French Revolution and the Holocaust.  Historical locations involved in both of these events are high up on my list of “Places to Visit” in this word.

I can easily swing for Mr. Crackers to join me in France, what with the good food and all, but a trip to both Germany and Poland will be a harder sell (I will sell it, it’ll just be harder).  I think I might end up planning something for next year, and hopefully (maybe, hopefully) Father Crackers and Sister Crackers will want to come along.

And, for those of us not all creepy and obsessed with scary history things, we can enjoy some of Eastern Europe’s finer, gentler sights.  If anyone has ever been, where would you recommend (focusing on Poland and Germany, if possible)?


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