Posted by: Ms. Crackers | October 26, 2008

{ sick }

I’m not sick, but I’m sure you can all relate to that weird, looming feeling of sickness.  I imagine we all feel it differently, and it is still different depending on the type of sickness.  Myself, I get congested really quickly, and combining that with a general “blah” and a tummy rumble, I believe that I may be getting sick.

Which, of course, reminds me of all of those “tried and true” secret cures that every person, every family has.  I am here to share mine with you.  Maybe you can share yours with me!

Orange Juice – my family method of “bomb the heck out of the germs”, we aren’t a subtle kind.  Simply purchase tonnes and tonnes of OJ and proceed to drink it all in a short period of time.  It works for me ALWAYS, especially if you are too sick to drink or eat anything else.  I must have a stomach made of iron, because I gave this cure to Mr. Crackers one time and we’re pretty sure he’s still suffering from ulcers.  I’ve also heard that Vitamin C tablets do the trick, but I prefer my juice in liquid form.

Simethicone Capsules – I actually bought these for Big Dog, because when we first got her, we lived in fear of her getting the dreaded, deadly, and often uncatchable “bloat”.  According to the Almighty Wiki, Simethicone is an oral anti-foaming agent used to reduce bloating, discomfort and pain caused by excess gas in the stomach or intestinal tract. It is a mixture of polydimethylsiloxane and silica gel.  Generic Simethicone, little tiny, blue, easy to swallow capsules, are a godsend for me in this house.  I tend to have some gastric upset on a regular basis (mainly gassy bubbles trapped in my tummy), so this shit is the kicks.

Rice – Rice is part of the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) diet, which is designed for people with gastrointestinal distress. Not exactly the most delicious, but certainly effective at staying put in your stomach.  Then there is Rice Water. instead of making perfectly boiled rice, simply add an extra cup of water, and drain it into a container when you’re done cooking the rice.  This stuff is great for when you can’t keep anything down, and apparently does wonders for the diarrhea.  My dogs like in on their food :D.

Ginger – We have two winners here.  #1 is Ginger Ale – I like it with the bubbles, but most sick people like it without (apparently shaking it up and leaving it for a minute, or stirring with a spoon will remove the bubbles).  Ginger Ale is the BOMB when it comes to tummy upsets.  #2 is Ginger Syrup – layer thin slices of ginger with a sprinkling of white sugar in a container.  Let it sit for a bit, and then strain into a smaller container – this ginger syrup is great for the stomach as well as clearing your sinuses in the event of a head cold.

Hot Toddies – believe it or not, I was introduced to the Hot Toddy when I was in real, live Ireland.  One variant of the Toddy is a measure of good Irish Whiskey, a few cloves imbedded in a slice of lemon and a drop of honey, with boiling water poured over top.  Great for head colds, and probably the only type of whiskey drink I can actually get down.
Now, do you have any great tried-and-true sickness cures that work for you?


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