Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 2, 2008

{ love and stuff }

Love is a weird thing.  Think about it – if someone you love said, “I love you and I don’t want to live without you” (or any variant usually found in some sort of famous love song), then that is considered beautiful and romantic because it shows how much they love you and you totally feel the same way.  However, if the exact same sentiment is uttered by someone you don’t love, say…an ex-lover or someone who you barely know, it’s considered stalking and is, well, generally frowned upon.

It’s just interesting, is all I’m saying.

I was absolutely destroyed by work this week.  I live in constant fear of being fired, even though I don’t even know if I will be or not.  It’s really hard.  I like it, but it’s really hard.  I hope that this coming week will show great improvements from the weeks prior.

Halloween was a bit of a bust.  I just hung out by myself, but that was really very intentional, as I could barely think after my crazy Friday.  Today I made some Chili (it’s OK at best), and some rice pudding (delish, but boy, is it filling!).

Yesterday was spent entering all of my financial info into Buxfer, which was great but also very scary.  Mr. Crackers and I have yet again let our spending get out of control.  I have put a freeze on our credit cards, semi-officially.  I have also worked out a total budget and know how much money is going against our credit cards and line of credit over the next few months.

I paid off one of my small cards ($500 or so), and paid down the other to $1000 even.  That one will be paid off this month.  With those two taken care of, it leaves Mr. Crackers’ card (eep, over $4500) and our line of credit to chip down.    So, yes, the budget is now in play…I should say The Budget, as it is a bit more ominous.  Further to this, we’re going to try and secure a roommate for a January move-in, as this would make our debt repayment a heck of a lot easier.  It does mean living very, very leanly for the next few months, but with the upcoming wedding, we don’t really have many options.

There is an upside, however – at least we’re going into colder months, which always makes me feel like living leaner. So, that being said, we hopefully will not notice The Budget as much.


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