Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 4, 2008

{ important day }

Today is a very important day for the Americans who are not on my blogroll. 🙂 Good luck to the candidates, I will be watching my favourite TV show tonight (Criminal Minds), but hopefully I will be tuning in on some happy news when I’m done with that.

I honestly can’t say I know which way it’s gonna go (I know which way I -want- it to go), so I simply hope that the U.S. election has a better turnout than the Canadian one.  Sheesh.  What a sad percentage voted here this time around.

Today was a much, much better day at work.  Mr. Crackers informed me, via telephone, that there was a special treat waiting for me when I got home.  He was doing a delivery for his work today, and one of the places he went was the Wellington Gastropub.  I have yet to eat at the Gastropub, but it is home to Easily The Best Ice Cream In The World.  A former colleague and current friend of CateringGirl, Pascale makes delicious, unique blends of ice cream that are beyond compare.

So far, I have tried her Peanut Butter Salted Caramel, and Mr. Crackers brought home Dark Chocolate Chili and Passionfruit today.  I guess Pascale and he were discussing her ice cream (and my love of it) at the farmer’s market, and so she had a few tubs ready for him.  Gratis!  Ahhhh, finally…cashing in on those industry connections.

Anyway, so Pascale’s Ice Cream is the bomb.  Seriously.  You can get it at the Farmer’s Market at Landsdowne, usually, but it’s also available at the Gastropub on menu, as well as for purchase.  Trust me, folks, it is amazing.  We’re trying to work through CateringGirl to get it at the wedding…:) Maybe even a special blend, just for us (I’m thinking Chocolate and Guinness).

I normally don’t dig the sweets, but man…this stuff is good.

I like to think people’s favourite ice cream flavour says a lot about them.  What’s your favourite?




  2. Wow, that is a weird type of ice cream, Shayla. 😉

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