Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 7, 2008

{ busy bee }

I don’t have much to say today, unfortunately.

It was very, very busy.  I planned and prepared, but unfortunately, legal transactions apparently don’t run as smoothly as one can expect.  It was pretty hectic, but my boss made the decision to get us lunch, and my very nice new colleague’s boyfriend owns the restaurant downstairs.  We had pasta with chicken, peppers, and what was allegedly pancetta but tasted and looked more like straight-up ham.  It was delish, but BOY was it filling.  I had food coma for the rest of the afternoon.

I really like it there, and I think they like me, too.  All in all, a good move.  In about a week, we’re going to be adding a few more people to the office.  My desk is probably going to be out front, which will put me by myself, unfortunately, but it also keeps me away from that damn distracting phone. Things move very quickly there, unlike the Old Law Firm, and it’s hard to keep up but I certainly am trying.

Although our weather is still holding (thankfully), there are a few things I love about the wintery season, including:

– clementine oranges

– general festivities re: the holidays (parties, music, all the yummy baking stuff the grocery stores put on sale)

– mitten club (This is where I look for everyone who is also wearing mittens, because we are all a part of a secret club, called…believe it or not…the mitten club)

– scarves

– bulk mixed nuts (the ones you crack open)

What are your favourite wintery things?


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