Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 12, 2008

{ migraine }

Yesterday I was riding the front end of a migraine, which prompty went away overnight and came back with a vengeance this afternoon.  Pressure points, tylenol, and a dark/quiet room seems to have calmed it down nicely, but it’s very rare that I experience a 2-day or back-to-back migraines.

When I was in high school, my doctor had me do a migraine book.  In the end, we couldn’t figure out what was causing them…sometimes they lined up with my menstrual cycle, sometimes with what I ate, sometimes with the weather.

I thought it was salt, cut it out, and still got them.

I thought it was aspartame, cut it out, and still got them (but now drink a lot less Diet Coke).

In the end, I think it is stress and the weather.  I had a lot at my old job, especially towards the end.  I think this one may have actually been brought on by changes in atmospheric pressure, and maybe some stress -leaving- my body.  I don’t really know enough about migraines to make a full hypothesis, but I do know about listening to my body, and I suspect that’s what’s up.

Migraines are so weird, as they are different for everyone and have a variety of symptoms and causes.  Do any of you get them?  If so, what are your warning signs, how severe are they, what brings them on and what do you do to vanquish them?

Because of my current half-migraine, half-post-migraine-fog, this post is pretty dead.  Apologies, NaBlo.


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