Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 14, 2008

{ busy week. end. }

Wowza, what a week.

3 days of headaches.

2 days of turmoil re: Mr. Crackers’ work.

2 days of visits from Father Crackers.

1 long phone call with Mother Crackers.

5 long, long days at work.

1 very large grocery shop.

After this week, a relaxing weekend would be great.  Unfortunately, because of my migraine trifecta, I now have to be a bit more productive this weekend.  Some baking/cooking/cleaning will be in order.  I think I will do the floors, maybe move the furniture around the basement (take up the carpet), do some pork chops up, clean the kitchen, and bake a few loaves of bread.

Some calming music will do the trick, at least one evening of relaxation should balance it all out.


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