Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 19, 2008

{ off side }

A good amount of work today, some help from Mr. Crackers to move boxes, and a little “extra” income meant a nice dinner at The Works tonight.

Off budget, but I only feel 1/2 guilty, which is both good and bad.

Had my least favourite server, as per normal.  Bare minimum, neglectful service…in fact, brought us some drinks we had ordered AFTER he asked if “that is all” and just handed us our bill (with the un-served drinks on it).  Then, had the gall to tell us to just sit back down and take our time.

And of course we still tipped nicely, because we are wimps.

As a former waitress and a pretty easy-going restaurant patron, I am still pretty pissed when it comes to bad service.  This guy, in fact, LEFT us at our table with our drinks and our pre-printed bill, the WHOLE time we were there.  We had to go track him down to pay.

I had half a mind to just freaking leave.


I’ve had much WORSE service, but that’s no excuse for straight up BAD service.

But in order to make me feel better, I suggest you tell me (or write in your blog) about your worst restaurant experience where the server was to blame! 🙂 I’m sure you could make my recent problem seem like nothing.
Go on, I dare ya!

*this post has been brought to you by a sad attempt to get YOU to post, in lieu of any actual content.  Hey, at least I’m logging in daily, right?  That’s the whole point…


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