Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 20, 2008

{ social }

Today was a strangely social day for me.  It’s sad, but I don’t have many.

We “carpooled” today with my new colleague, basically to help her grab a few things from her old office and bring them to the new.  I scored about 10 extra minutes of sleep, which means a lot to me. 🙂

Then, all day was a mad-house; 6 …actually…all 7 employees came in at some point into a space that originally held 3.  It was crowded, loud, and hectic.  I’ve decided to make the executive decision to do some computer training with our new lawyer and his assistant, and also help do some space planning and possibly look into our network and why it keeps crashing.

Then, I had a beer and some hummus with a former employee of mine.  We hired him when he was, like, 14, and I’ve seen the guy basically grow up from his first real job.  It’s been a looooong road, but overall a pretty wonderful thing.  He’s doing well, and it makes me fuzzy inside to know that I had a real impact on him.  I wish him all the best.  I hope to continue to provide a mentoring role to him in the future.

Then, after I drove out to Orleans to take him home (from Nepean…almost an hour round trip – can you believe it?), I threw together some dinner for Mr. Crackers, called Father Crackers, and now I’m laying in bed with Big Dog and Little Dog, who I am beginning to think lead a life of neglect due to our schedules.

I cannot WAIT for the weekend.  This past month of the new job has been kicking me in the butt, in a good way, but nonetheless…weekends are earned.

Any plans for yours?


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