Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 23, 2008

{ yummy }

Mr. Crackers would just die if he knew I bastardized his beloved gnudi in this way.  Gnudi – which means “naked”, apparently, in Italian – is a lovely ricotta dumpling similar to gnocchi but much, much lighter.  I’m not sure how they make it at Mr. Crackers’ restaurant, but it is very nom nom – crispy outside and tender, delish inside.

We have a tub of ricotta sitting in our fridge, and I wanted to use it today, so I made one of my Patented Ms. Crackers Bastardized Lunches.  These usually come about when I am lacking one or more key ingredients to a traditional recipe, and I decide to just “wing it” instead (meaning no accurate measurements, either).  I am actually quite pleased with this one and its simplicity – a bowl is waiting for Mr. Crackers when he comes home, and I hope that it stays the same so he can enjoy it as well. Update – I ate it all. None for you, Mr. Crackers.

Ricotta Dumplings in Chicken Broth

1 tub of ricotta cheese

high-quality olive oil

freshly cracked pepper

all-purpose flour

kosher salt

unsalted butter

chicken broth (erm…mine does come from a box)

carrot, peeled and cut into tiny tiny squares

dried basil and chili flakes


Get that stock on to simmer – add the basil and chili, carrots, and s&p to taste

In a bowl, season the ricotta with s&p.  add a liberal amount of oil (start with less and build it up as you mix).  The blend should be kind of slimy but not wet.  Once this is mixed, add flour slowly until it forms a ball.

Turn the ricotta out on a floured surface and divide in half.  roll out each half into a long, even log – if it gets sticky, just add a very light dusting of flour.  Once you have your logs ready, cut them into smaller pieces – similar to the process for making a rolled cookie.

Heat some butter in a pan at medium-high heat.  In batches, brown the sides of the ricotta mixture until they are crispy.  Once each batch is done, plunk it into the broth to simmer.

That’s it.  Enjoy it with some nice crispy bread, if you’re feeling like a particularly hearty meal.

(I swear, once I find my camera cord, I’ll post pictures.  Recipes are so much better with food porn).


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