Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 25, 2008

{ Christmas }

I hope that this posts.  My internet has been lame-o for a few days now and it was a struggle to even get this page open.  It’s THERE, it just takes forever to load.

Did some holiday shopping today.  Here’s the list, as it stands:

Mr. Crackers – bought

Sister Crackers – bought

Father Crackers and Lady Chips – planned (waiting until December 1st)

Mother Crackers – planned (will have it done by the end of the week)

Bows/Buttons – half planned (doing a gift exchange, gotta see who gets who)

Dad Crackers – bought

Mom Crackers – no clue

Stir Fry – bought

Cousin #1 – bought

Cousin #2 – no clue

Cousin #3 – no clue

Gramma – half bought

Grandpa – planned

Aunt – no clue

Nan Crackers – planned

Greenpeace – no clue

Big Boss – bought

My Boss – planned

Secret Santa – no idea

I seriously think that is it.  Although I am a bit behind on things, we’re doing not too shabby.  Hopefully, it’ll all be done before the beginning of December.  A girl can always dream…

Just need another good day of shopping and we should be square.  I think I might do baked goods for the remaining people on the list (with the exception of Mom Crackers – gotta get something “real” for her).

Mr. Crackers made venison pot pie and we ate it today.  Boy, was it delish.  I can get used to this whole hunting thing if I get pie!


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