Posted by: Ms. Crackers | November 29, 2008

{ wardrobe }

Living with a small wardrobe is not only cost effective, but it is a wonderful time management tool.  By limiting your choices to a few matching items, you don’t need to spend hours stressing over your outfit – be it for a date night or a business meeting.

I have yet to accomplish this, but one of my 101 Thing goals is to streamline my wardrobe accordingly.  Yes, it can be a bit boring to wear the same things over and over again, but I like to think that you gain time, as well as a signature look that is really great for building your personal “brand” as a professional.  If you put a lot of effort in at the front end, you can always look polished and pulled-together in the least amount of time required.

picture-12So, here you have a few key pieces: a pair of black pants, a black skirt, and a black dress as “bottoms”.  A crisp white skirt, a signature-colour sweater, a black cardigan, a funky t-shirt, a classic trench and a printed shell as “tops”.  The rest of the wardobe, you can see, is made up of smaller accessories that can easily be traded out as fashions change.  I can easily think of about 30 different combinations in which you could wear this wardobe, but here are just a few:

picture-2 Outfit #1 – Work

20040112_zzh_w38_040.jpgThis look is pretty basic and takes advantage of a few splashes of your “signature colour” – I have personally chosen turquoise for this exercise as I think it is a pretty universally flattering colour.

So, with this one we have the dress with the colour sweater over top, the bag and heels, the funky but business-appropriate earrings and the colour scarf.  It’s basic, light and comfortable…the type of outfit I consider to be critical on a Monday.

Personally, I would pair this with a loose hairstyle and neutral makeup – very Jennifer Aniston.


Outfit #
3254_3850_longoria-eva-04-4x2 – Work

This one takes advantage of the signature colour, as above, but with a bit more of a subtle touch.  I think this outfit is more polished – the type of thing you would wear to a business lunch.

The gold touches on the bag, shoes, and jewellery ties the outfit all together – it’s a great tip to remember, because keeping your metallics consistent can really pull together the look.


picture-8Outfit #3 – Work/Play
I really love this outfit, because it’s simply and works well in many situations.  The basic trench and black dress, combined with the bag and black shoes and the gold belt.  Simple, elegant, and chic.  I think this outfit is very “Charlize Theron”.


picture-10Outfit #4 – Play


I love this one.  It’s very casual and funky, but still looks pulled-together and a lot less schleppy schlumpy than the usual thing I’d pull on to run to the store.  This outfit pairs the trench, bag and pants with the funky t-shirt, ballet flats and sunglasses.  You could wear this for a night on the town, a day out shopping, or even a run out to the grocery store on a Saturday.

It’s comfortable, casual, and still looks good.


picture-111Outfit #5 – Play
An outfit that uses the signature colour, but still seems casual enough that you could wear on the weekend.

I like to think of this outfit as a great travel-friendly look.  It is layered and comfortable – the type of outfit you would want on a flight or car trip.

It combines the signature colour (sweater, scarf and earrings), the basic pants, bag, and trench, and the neutral sunglasses and ballet flats.


picture-121Outfit #6 – Play20081001_zaf_g84_006.jpg

I think that this outfit is so hot.  It is really simple (the basic skirt, shoes, and bag) but is very unique and ladylike (the printed shell and the sunglasses).  The look is demure and sexy at the same time, because it utilizes the age-old trick of showing a limited amount of skin (this outfit highlights arms and legs and minimizes cleavage), and looks opulent thanks to the different textures and the focus on gold accents.


picture-14Outfit #7 – Work/Play20081001_paf_f05_016.jpg

Finally, we have a very classic outfit – the crisp white shirt and black pants combined with touches of gold.  I like to think that this outfit is perfect for a day at the office, because it is basic but still looks personalized.

The great thing about keeping your wardrobe basic is that you can simply swap out your accessories and signature colour when the style changes – its much more afforable than changing your whole wardrobe.



  1. #4, I think you meant shlumpy (lazy/casual), not shleppy (a verb [carry] turned into an adverb-ish type description?)

    BTW- the black dress is super cute and I ❤ that teal/green color!

  2. Thanks, Violarulz! 🙂 My brain is cashed out today…

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  4. […] Here are a few other wardrobe ideas, similar to the one I mentioned here: […]

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