{ about the saltines + ice cream blog }

Thanks for visiting my blog!  This is a personal site, a final incarnation of my many prior blogs dedicated to my personal vices, struggles, opinions and problems.  All in all, we can expect a lot of kvetching, a lot of whinging, and hopefully a few nuggets of wisdom lodged in between.  Depending on the most current emotional crisis I am facing, you may see lots of posts about my relationship, my finances, my job, or any other aspect of my surroundings.

Where did the name “saltines and ice cream” come from?  In their most basic incarnations, you can’t get much better than a good saltine cracker or a bowl of vanilla ice cream.  Despite my natural tendency to go crazy over and about everything, it’s my intention to keep life as simple as saltines and ice cream – hopefully, channelling things through this blog should help!

{ about ms. crackers }

I am a twenty-something full-blown Sagittarian.  I am a gross overachiever and have difficulty being satisfied with what I have, and I also have just as much trouble slowing down and enjoying life.  I love the internet.  I love psychology, reading people, reading myself.  I love cheese.  I don’t love people with bad driving habits.  I don’t love metal music.

I live in a little house with a little dog and a big dog, and the darling Mr. Crackers.  We like the slow-food movement.  We like to shop local.  We like to watch movies.  We like craft-brewed beer.  Mr. Crackers and I eventually want to leave the city and raise a brood in an old farmstead, so that’s a pretty big theme in my daily musings as well.

What do I, Ms. Crackers, want?  I want to have children.  I want to be debt-free.  I want to only eat locally grown food (heck, I want to grow it myself).  I want a tidy, clean house.  I want an enriching career.  I want a break from the pace of the city.  I want to slow down.

{ source }

Thanks to Flickr user Risayv – I am using your cracker macro photo through the Creative Commons licensing.


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