Cast of Characters

Mr. Crackers – Mr. Crackers is my charming and overworked spouse.  He spends a lot of time either working at, talking about, or recovering from his scheduled workdays at a local busy restaurant.  He is a cook, and that means I very rarely get nice food at home.  What I do have, in lieu of real food, are many cookbooks and gadgets filling my cupboards.  Oh, and very expensive oils.

Big Dog and Little Dog – our two puppies, who love running around in our backyard, chewing up our couch, and wearing their winter sweaters.  They are all bark and no bite, and can be won over easily by a little treat and a pat on the head.

Mother Crackers – Mother Crackers is my mom.  She works in law enforcement and currently lives in a very cute little house on the St. Lawrence Seaway.  She has an old, old dog (Old Dog) and is the best bargain hunter I have ever known.

Father Crackers – Father Crackers is my dad.  He is a retired police officer, community service employee, construction worker, gas monkey, and so on.  He lives with Lady Chips, his “special friend”, who is like the best dessert maker I have ever met.

Mom and Dad Crackers – These are the in-laws, who live outside of the city and we see often enough.  Sunday dinners are frequent, as are occasional drop-ins.  Mom and Dad Crackers also have a close friend named Stir Fry, who is a staple in the household as well (and makes some really yummy food).  Mom and Dad Crackers have a dirty little dog with a lot of medical issues, albeit she is very, very smart.

Sister Crackers – Sister Crackers is, well, my younger sister.  She lives in Central Ontario, is into Photojournalism and keeps her own blog over here. Sister Crackers has a little black kitten.

Bows – Bows is Mr. Crackers’ younger sister.   She also lives in Central Ontario, is an esthetician, and lives with her boyfriend, Buttons.  Bows and Buttons have two orange cats.

Greenpeace – Greenpeace is a mutual friend of both Mr. Crackers and myself.  She is all into activism, being awesome, and living in the Glebe with her little black kitten.  She’s probably one of our most responsible friends, so she is regularly tasked with grown-up things like taking care of Big Dog and Little Dog when we go away.

Big Boss – Big Boss is Mr. Crackers college friend and his boss at the restaurant.  Big Boss is married to Mrs. Boss, who is currently expecting Baby Boss in and around my birthday of this year.  They have a big orange cat and a little black and white dog.

CateringGirl – Mr. Crackers’ school friend and the caterer of our wedding.

McFriend – Mr. Crackers’ school friend, best man, occasional roommate and former coworker.

TurtleTurtle – My high school best friend, travel buddy and all around partner in crime.



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